The Walk

Core Values

Evangelism - We are evangelistic in intent, focusing on Christ, the gospel, and the Bible.

Extreme Sports - We are mobilizing people who enjoy extreme sports to reach other people who also enjoy extreme sports, with a culturally relevant message.

Community - We integrate with our local communities, while creating a Christian community for outreach. We are committed to loving one another.

Church - We are locally based and accountable through many Christian church denominations.

Kingdom Minded - We are transforming the wider extreme sport community by both individual conversions as well as influencing our sub-culture.

Partnerships - We are working with God and what he is already doing through others, while respecting and partnering with other ministries.

Servant Hood - Our ministry is based on serving others through relationships. We submit to Christ by serving others, rather than serving the extreme sport itself through selfish ambition.

Volunteer Based - We are mobilizing Christian volunteers for outreach, while helping them fulfill their God given calling and potential.

Combining your passion for extreme sports and Jesus Christ
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